How Do I Use It?

You have two choices, a fume board or a breeze board.  If you pull supers on sunny days, a fume board is for you.
If it is cloudy, your hives are in full shade, or if you pull supers in the chill of late fall, you may want to try a breeze board.

Fume boards have flat metal tops that heat up in the sun, and heat a cloth in contact with the metal.  As the cloth is warmed, Bee-Quick that you have sprayed onto the cloth evaporates faster, creating more vapor than it does at room temperature.

Breeze boards catch the breeze and force it through a cloth down into the supers.  While the liquid does not evaporate as fast as with a fume board, the breeze forces the vapor down into the super, getting fumes down to the bees more effectively.  (So, breeze boards will not work well unless there is a breeze.)

Instructions are here for Fume Boards.

Instructions are here for Breeze Boards.
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