What's So Special About It?

Fischer's Bee-Quick is non-toxic.  Unlike all other "bee repellents", you don't pay an extra $16.00 "Haz-Mat" Hazardous Materials handling fee when you have Bee-Quick shipped to you.  This is because Bee-Quick is not hazardous.

Think about it. Do want highly toxic chemicals anywhere near your honey?  Do you want to expose your bees to stuff that even the  6-foot, 250-pound UPS guy is afraid of?  Neither did we.  That's why we spent two years creating Bee-Quick.

Bee-Quick also smells nice.  That's pretty special compared to "the other stuff".  Don't believe us?  Ask your spouse.  (Perhaps you already have had a conversation that starts "Why do you smell like an elephant's outhouse?!!?"  If so, use Bee-Quick and join your family again at harvest time.)

Another special thing about Bee-Quick is us.  We are beekeepers.  The makers of "the other stuff" are not.  We put our family name on the label to show that we stand behind the product.  We give the profits (yes, ALL the profits) to the Eastern Apicultural Society Bee Research Fund. We attend all the beekeeping conventions and meetings we can, and we want to hear from you.  Like all of beekeeping, we started this venture with a conversation between beekeepers, and we want to keep the conversation going.  Please tell us what you think, ask questions, and give us the benefit of your experience.
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What's so special about it?
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