Breeze Boards

Breeze boards are used by commercial beekeepers in the plains states of the USA.  To make one, construct a frame, as described on the page about fume boards, using a cloth that will not block the breeze, such as cheesecloth or tulle.  Do not make a metal top.  The "breeze catcher" can be ductwork or "stove-pipe" fittings.  We found an 8-inch diameter 90-degree angle like this for $4.  You want to use the biggest diameter you can find.  It simply sits on the base so it can rotate, and point into the breeze.

You need a base to attach to a plywood sheet, support the angle, and allow it to rotate to face the breeze.  We found these for under $5 each.  Either one will do. 
Cut a sheet of plywood that will cover the top of a super, and cut a hole in the middle that is large enough for the base.  Attach the base to the plywood.  To use a breeze board, spray the cloth as you would for a fume board, place the cloth frame on top of your super, put an empty super of any depth on the frame, to allow the airflow to reach the edges of the honey supers, then put the plywood with the ductwork on top.  Turn the angle into the breeze.

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