How Much Do I Need?
Most hobbyist beekeepers will use a bottle for several years.

Jack Utter and Colleen Weaver of Poplar Acres Apiaries in Pennsylvania USA sent us a photo of their Bee-Quick bottle after harvesting 17 supers.  The red arrows show the amount used from a 7 ounce bottle.  They and others conviced us to include a pump-sprayer with Bee-Quick staring in the 2003 season.   Mr. Utter says:

"I hunted around the house and found an old hair spray bottle that emitted a very small amount of material via a fine mist.
I applied about 4 or 5 pumps of Bee-Quick [to the fume board] evenly and placed it on the super.  Within a short time the girls vacated the super, I'd pull it off, applied 2 more pumps of a fine mist and repeated the process. Many of my hives weren't even in the Sun as I was doing this. After one or two supers I'd lay the fume board on the grass, under the Sun, and take the supers to my truck.
            Upon returning, I'd spray the board again 1 or 2 times and start over. 

As you can see, I used very little material to remove 17 SUPERS!  Thanks for a great product."

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How Much Do I Need?
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