What Do People Say About It?
We don't like to brag, but sales are good.   Large commercial beekeepers have voted with their wallets, buying one-gallon and five-gallon jugs as fast as we can fill them, and sales are increasing as word gets around. 
Here's a typical example of how the word gets around.  The Winter 2002 "Apiary News", a publication of the Worcester County Beekeepers, reported on Bee-Quick, and gave it a strong endorsement. We stumbled upon this unsolicited testimonial at their web site. http://worcesterbee.topcities.com/newsletter/2003Winter.pdf

Working with the Bees  by Armand Provost

Last fall I tried a new way to drive the bees out of the honey supers for harvesting. I had heard about Fischer's Bee Quick for use with a fume board.  Over the years I had always used a vacuum cleaner and could never get all of the bees out. They would be all over the place. Some would be piled up on the front of the hive with others flying all over the place. This fall I figured I would use both the vacuum on one hive and Fischer's Bee Quick on another.
The fumes go right down the comb driving the bees out in a hurry. It worked great and as soon as one super was off the next one was ready to go.
It went so fast for me that I didn't have a chance to run the vacuum. The best part is that there's no bad smell.  I'll never use the vacuum again. I had purchased two 8oz. bottles but only had to use one. It will be the Fischer's Bee Quick for me every year from now on.

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