What About Butyric?

Butyric Anhydride is sold under a number of different names.  To us it smells worse than an elephant's outhouse, and even a tiny drop on your hand means that you will be sleeping in the garage tonight. It wont wash off! Expect even the dog to avoid you for a few days until the smell goes away.

More seriously, their label is chock-full of dire warnings, and all the bee catalogs charge an extra $16.00 to ship it as “Hazardous Materials”.

Why?  Because it IS hazardous material!  If it is not safe for humans, how can it be safe near your honey or bees?

Think we are kidding?  Here is the Material Safety Data Sheet for the chemical, courtesy of Cornell University.  If you scroll through, you will find phrases like:

Funny, we were not aware that a "chemical fume hood" was standard-issue beekeeping equipment.

The appropriate US Department of Transportation Haz-Mat Guide is here, listing the reasons why UPS, the EPA, Fed-X, and the US Postal Service would prefer that you buy Bee-Quick.

What About The Cherry-Scented Butyric?

Do you think the cherry smell helped? Spill some on your clothes, and you will soon be burning them.  Before you buy any, ask the person selling it to get a bottle, and read the warnings on the label to you.  Our bet is that they will refuse to do so on the grounds that even a factory-sealed bottle smells bad.

Fischer's Bee Quick is a safe, gentle, and pleasant way to harvest your honey. Are you tired of your spouse making you sleep in the garage after using Butyric Anhydride? Are you tired of using a hazardous product on the bees you love? Then use Bee-Quick!

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