What About Bee-Brushes?

Don't get us wrong.  We think that everyone should have a bee brush!

We simply feel that, if used as the sole bee removal method, shaking and brushing bees is too slow, and disrupts the hive too much.  Like blowing bees, this method can result in a large cloud of bees, and they will harass you, your neighbors, and your neighbor's pets, all while seeking out the supers and frames from which you have just brushed bees.

This method also carries the risk (for novice beekeepers) of killing or maiming house bees on full frames.

Bee-Quick allows the majority of the house bees that store nectar and cap cells to stay in the hive and remain relatively undisturbed.  We think that these younger bees will be more productive if you do not disrupt their working day with an unscheduled trip outside the hive and a close encounter with a bee-brush.

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