What About Leaf-Blowers?

So you have a Leaf Blower…

Great!  Use it on dead things, like leaves, since they won’t care if they are suddenly battered about by 100 mile-per-hour winds.

Think we are exaggerating?

Have a friend operate the blower, and watch the bees in the super.  Unless the frames are heavily propolized, the lighter frames will slap back and forth, killing bees.  Watch the “stubborn” bees that somehow “hang on” to the comb. Watch their wings get damaged by the high-velocity airflow.  Be sure to dodge the angry cloud of bees that results from blowing.

Is this beekeeping, or bee killing?  You decide.  We'd rather not watch, as we are fond of bees.

Oh, yeah... and if your blower breaks down, please don't ask us.  We can't fix them either.  We have enough trouble with the lawn mower.  Sell your blower, and you will have enough money to buy a lifetime supply of Bee-Quick.

Using Bee-Quick is a much more pleasant way to harvest honey.  You don't need earplugs, and you won't be breathing exhaust fumes.  It is also much, much easier to start - simply squeeze the bottle.

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