What About Benzaldehyde?

If you can't even pronounce it, do you really want it anywhere near your honey?

As with Butyric Anhydride, the DOT, UPS, Fed-X, and the Post Office all classify it as a 
Hazardous Material.  We don't think they are joking. Here's the "Material Safety Data Sheet".
If you scroll through, you find statements like:

If you look at the appropriate Department of Transportation Haz-Mat Guide, you can see
that it is also highly flammable.

The biggest problem with benzaldehyde is the fact that it is an important component in the
manufacture of illegal drugs like "methamphetamine".  Even if you can convince someone

to sell it to you, expect a visit from polite, young, clean-cut, and heavily-armed representatives
of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), or worse yet, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Neither group will be happy to see your 5,000 gallon supply of mead, and they won't believe
that it is all for "personal use".

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